SPIT Repair Services

Performed by passionate professionals

SPIT repair services include testing, repair and rewinds for small, large and extra-large AC & DC electric motors, generators, and mechanical and (power) electronic equipment. We offer authorised warranty repair with in-house coil manufacturing and power electronic repair to maintain single-source control over our quality and lead times

All SPIT regional service centers operate under one documented service standard for safety, quality, repair procedures and commercial terms. SPIT Lean, our culture of continuous improvement, drives our industry-leading quality and delivery in repair services. This company-wide commitment has its roots in the continuous improvement program that Toyota used to become the world’s number one car manufacturer. We’ve refined the basic principles of Lean for our service environments, with the idea of removing waste from our processes, use of space and inventories.

Motor & Generator

SPIT engineers and repair technicians have extensive experience with electric AC & DC motor and generator repair, including hydroelectric generators, wind turbine generators, steam turbine generators, safety-related nuclear motors, main compressor motors, mill motors, underground mining motors, refiner motors and more.

Servo & Electronic

Our single-source capabilities include servo motor repair and spindle motor repair, with trained specialists, a state-of-the-art repair lab and full-service machine shop at SPIT Almelo. We offer high-quality, documented repairs for servo and spindle motors, boards and drives, as well as testing for most resolver-based closed-loop servo and spindle motors, and exchange services on servo motors for all mayor OEMs.

Small Motors

SPIT small motor repair technicians specialize in the small electric motors within their installed base, instead of bouncing back and forth between large and small motors. They make fast repair-or-replace decisions, working in repair cells engineered to reduce crane.

Industrial Balancing

We perform static & dynamic industrial balancing, to the ISO1940-1-2003 standard, at the required quality grade (G1, G2.5, G6.3, etc)

We utilise a large variety of specialised equipment including a range of Schenck and Hoffmann hard bearing balancing machines. We use digital technology and provide detailed reports for every project; we keep these reports on record for 10 years. The full report is given to the client including the values of the residual unbalance.

The workshop consists of three Hard-Bearing Balancing Machines namely a R33, HL20.1 and H6BU. We also have field balancing equipment available.

Quality & Safety: certified!.

SPIT is certified! ISO9001:2015 / IECEx-03-5 / VCA**

Comprehensive Testing

increase process reliability and uptime

We offer comprehensive testing to document recommendations, “as received” and “as shipped” performance, with multiple diagnostics to corroborate our findings and reveal trending. Data should be acquired over many years, otherwise you have a snapshot and you don’t know where you are on the curve.

24/7 Service

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