Services by Industries

SPIT provides static & rotating electrical machines repair services to continuous process industries operating small, large and extra-large AC & DC motors, power electronics  and generators. Our customers, in asset-intensive continuous process industries such as utilities, power generation, metals, water & wastewater, food & dairy and petrochemicals demand plant reliability because they can’t afford unplanned downtime (it’s expensive when you can’t plan your outages).


For many, energy is a new sector. SPIT has for many years been involved in the power generating business. The company’s expertise with electro-mechanical motors, generators, power electronics and transformers has played an important role in this industry. SPIT is now becoming more and more involved in other forms of generating energy. This is a very exciting and promising new business area and the company will work hard to obtain a strong position in the years to come.


SPIT offers single-source capabilities for refinery and petrochemical repair services and maintenance for static- and rotating electrical equipment, with extensive experience with “Large Machines,” large and extra large process-critical electric motors and generators up to 15 kV.

We have extensive experience in working with low- (up to 690 V), medium- (up to 6.9 kV) and high-voltage (up to 15 kV) machines, including main compressor motors, induction motors, pumping motors and synchronous motors and generators. Our experience in medium- and high-voltage motors includes complete diagnostic capabilities, including vibration analysis, thermography, motor circuit evaluation, partial discharge, core loss testing, Megger, Hi-Pot and surge testing.

Quality & Safety: certified!.

SPIT is certified! ISO9001:2015 / IECEx-03-5 / VCA**

Pulp & Paper

SPIT offers single-source pulp & paper mill repair services for all static – and rotating – electrical machines, including reliability maintenance and reliability engineering, for pulp and paper mills, lumber mills and plywood plants, combining in-shop repair services, field services and new product sales.

SPIT repair services include complete rebuilds on refiners, refiner drive motors and vacuum pump motors.

Metals & Minerals

We supply electric motor and generator repair services, field services and new product sales, as well as remanufacturing, in-house stator coil manufacturing of B-Stage fully cured coils and VPI engineered insulation systems. Whether we’re working within a planned outage window or fast-tracking emergency services, we deliver with turn times the competition can’t come close to matching (SPIT Lean, our company-wide continuous improvement culture, continues to improve the industry’s leading turn times).

Water & Wastewater

SPIT can increase your drive system effectiveness with reliability and plant performance improvement, professional maintenance management and systematic energy efficiency improvement 

SPIT service agreements are long-term, performance-based agreements in which SPIT commits to maintain and improve the production and equipment performance, energy efficiency and reliability for an entire facility with an agreed cost base. 

For over 20 years we have been the partner of choice for several performance based maintenance agreements within various industries.

Food & Dairy

Unmatched reliability. Optimal performance. Sound operating economy. Ease of availability. These are the reasons you initially invested in first class equipment. Why stop there? With SPIT Service, enjoy total peace of mind for the entire service lifetime of your equipment.

When you choose the best equipment on the market, you should choose the best service and support to go along with them. Only then can you be sure that your processes move along smoothly, delivering the uptime you have come to expect of premier equipment.

Quality & Safety: certified!.

SPIT is certified! ISO9001:2015 / IECEx-03-5 / VCA**